January 18th, 2017

It’s been a new year for 2 weeks now and I already broke my new years resolutions. You could say I’m the determined type. Spring semester starts in a couple of days and I’m already ready for it to be over with, don’t get me wrong I adore school and all it has to offer but I’ve been ready for the real world for what seems like forever now. The spinning class I’m forced to take may be to blame but hey, at least I’ll have some good legs. I’m counting down the days to wake up and drink my coffee (french vanilla) looking out the window watching cars, taxi’s and people just bustling away with their lives. Let’s get real, I’d probably be running out of my apartment slipping my heels on last-minute while spilling the majority of my coffee on myself causing 3rd degree burns. My mini teacup persian kitten would probably just be glaring at me like “my mom is a joke.” Dallas has been home for as long as I can remember but I see myself residing in a big(ger) city. And by big(ger), I mean new york. What better way to spend my 20’s than in the hustle and bustle of N.Y.C? All I know for one is I’d need a major wardrobe change from my mini skirts to leather leggings, jumbo shades to jumbo scarves and something to afford the 10$ redbulls for lunch at TAO. As of now, I’d have rarely any friends residing there but that’s the whole point of a new city. Stepping out of my “I’m gonna just not talk to anyone” bubble and actually conversate with a random at the local coffee shop. My binge watching of Gilmore Girls has only contributed to my obsession with the future, not only did Rory accomplish graduating Yale and becoming a writer and eventually an author (give or take her affair with an engaged millionaire), it’s a pretty safe story line. I’ve always wanted to write my a story but not on my life because it’s not that adventerous, well it’s not yet but I don’t think affairs with millionares will be in my future. It’s as if life has so much to offer other than 3rd degree coffee burns and I’m here only partaking in 5% of it. New york is what I have my eyes set on but who knows where life will take me, hopefully somewhere where there’s coffee on every corner and shopping on every block. All we can do now is hope. My trip to the middle east recently did give me some insight on how important figuring out who you want to be in life really is. Some people go there whole lives on repeat and it’s depressing. People you love can still be lost after 20 years have passed by. Not all of us find ourselves in our 20’s and that’s the scariest part. You have to think positive, do positive and be positive and that’s all you can really do. As for the past, I have trouble from keeping it in my present which might be my greatest flaw. Like how hard can it be to keep 2016 in 2016?! Not rocket science and probably not harder than o-chem. Can you make a news resolution 2 weeks into the new year because I am but then again, who follows the rules. The earlier this year begins, the closer I am to my version of the good life, yeah yeah yeah the journey is the best part but who are they to say the destination isn’t as equally intriguing. Cheers to a new school year and a semester of everything with a little in between.

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Bon Voyage

You’re probably glaring lovingly at your passport right about now counting down the hours till you can depart from the bland city of routine. Two more finals and fall semester will be in the books for me! Whether I’m going to be on the plane for 15+ hours or a 4-hour road trip, I always forget two things:
a) to create a playlist that doesn’t play Taylor Swift’s 1989 on repeat
b) good reads

So everyone has an absolute different taste of music and I totally get that but if you’re into trying out new things, give my mini travel playlist that I finally created a try:

  1. Young God– Ashe
  2. See it Through– Godwolf
  3. Falling– Opia
  4. Gooey– Glass Animals
  5. Big Jet Plane– Angus and Julia Stone
  6. Lose it (Jerry Folk Remix)– Oh Wonder
  7. Sunset Lover– Petit Biscuit
  8. The Ocean- Mike Perry, Shy Martin
  9. Stolen Dance– Milky Chance
  10. Flashed Junk Mind (filous remix)– Milky Chance
  11. Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)– Halsey
  12. Gold– Bondax
  13. It’s Strange– Louis the Child ft. K.Flay

As for must-reads, I have a couple that I whole-heartedly recommend.

For the ones who are yearning to feel self-empowered over break: Nice is just a place in France by The Betches
This book teaches you what to do with your life from A-Z in the wittiest way there is. Whether your career is going down the drain, friends, enemies and even boys, it teaches you how to handle it and end up one step ahead. What I love about this book is that it’s actually created by multiple authors all of whom have a great sense of humor and wit and has realistic advice I’d actually take. It’s like if Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass and Serena Van Der Woodsen wrote a book about how to win at life, this would be it.

For the ones needing a little zen: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
If you’re into story lines and 5th grade reading since who wants to do a lot of thinking over break anyways, The Alchemist is your go-to. Not only is it a simple read but it has a story line for the child within you. My favorite are the hidden life messages within the book that stick with you without even realizing so.  If you’re planning to lay by the beach, this would be the perfect pick-me-up!

For the ones wanting to lose themselves: Run the Game, Blazed, Destroy, Dead End by Jason Myers
Jason Myers has been my favorite author since highschool and still has yet to be my favorite author. His books compel you from the beginning to the end with his stories that have the most outrageous twisted endings. No matter how many times I’ve tried to guess the end of the story line, I was never right or even close to it. It’s the perfect balance of vulgarity and wit. I recommend his books to anyone and everyone because I have yet to be disappointed/bored with his stories. It’s not a continued series so every book is a new story line, so you get a fresh start every time!

Safe travels to wherever these holiday travels take you!

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Quote of the Day

For the sake of december travels coming up,

December 3, 2016

We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds changed, and that changes everything.

-Jonah Lehrer


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Quote of the Day

November 28, 2016

How wild is it that every version of you probably exists still, somewhere, in someone’s memory? The messy you, crying on the floor exists still in your mind. The happy, sun-soaked you, exists in your best friend’s memory. No part of you has died, all parts of us exist always, simultaneously and hidden. 


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tumblr_oh3zhnjrkb1rzzn4po1_500We’re all thankful for family, friends, the life we live, etc. Thanksgiving is the day of gratitude yet some of us skim the whole year without a mere thought of appreciating what we have. I know I don’t live a life I’m technically proud of but I thought just maybe I was living a somewhat righteous life. But then… I binge watched documentaries, then caught up on some of the news around the world and I can just say that I’ve been living under a rock. All this time, I’ve been caught up with cosmo, what to eat to stay below 110 pounds and the latest style off the streets but that would basically just mean I’m extremely shallow. Which, shocker, I am. I live day by day as a joke and am completely blind to actual babies, dying. Mini populations starving to death, women being accustomed to rape and other grisly inhumane things occurring on a daily basis. I’m immune to the pain they’re feeling. I don’t know if tv, movies and/or the news desensitized me to all that’s happening around the world but it has. You’d never think you’d be caught up in your own life, what this/that means and all the silly things that literally won’t matter in a month, let alone a week. My parents always told me not to get caught up in the whirlwind of the foolish present and I never listened. I always perceived my problems as the end of the world and until now, I still do. When they say millennials need a reality check, I agree. Well not all, maybe just a handful of them which I’m a part of. What is important to a typical college girl? Well, here’s my mind segmented into portions of importance:

  1. Appearance- Appearance is an important factor to your happiness, don’t get me wrong. But don’t let it consume you. I’m guilty over obsessing over the way I look. HA, Such a joke. Take care of yourself and be happy in the skin you’re in. Shop but not to impress others. Primp yourself but not to just grab the attention of others. Stay fit not just to impress the opposite sex. Do it for you and only you. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who will reek the benefits.
  2. Lifestyle- Lifestyle is all about what you perceive it to be. If there’s a lifestyle you want to live, work for it but don’t make every element of your life correspond to the “lifestyle” you’re trying to portray. I need to teach myself to live in moderation. Temperance is key.
  3. Memories– Memories are extremely important to me but I do the most deranged things for the sake of having a memory. Don’t lose your dignity to make a memorable story. Make memories but make sure your heart, soul and mind are into it also
  4. School- Should always be important. Not the most impelling until you understand it or it clicks but at the end of the day, we walk out with our degrees backed up by our knowledge. What we don’t walk out with are the cute smirks from the boys in your class. Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.
  5. Boys  We like to believe we don’t care for boys, which some of us really don’t. I for one, don’t think I’ll ever take boys seriously, it has to do with my immaturity level. Still waiting on the day I grow up, hopefully sooner than later. But it might just be a blessing in disguise because I can focus on bigger and better things. For the ones who do, just make sure you don’t lose focus.
  6. Friends/Family- They’re my life, literally. I love them to death and always will. Just like your lifestyle, you have to learn to live in moderation and balance. Even with friends and family, they’re a huge part of your life but not your life. Make sure to give time for yourself.

What should be important to me that isn’t

  1. Morals- I want to be righteous, I really do. I know I’m far from it but it all starts with a want. From there, you push it to a need and live your life day by day with what your heart tells you is the virtuous thing to do.
  2. The world I’m so caught up in what’s happening in my little century but we’re born human. We need to care for each other, love each other and cherish each other. If someone needs help, we should help. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, we should lend a shoulder. I have to stop excluding myself, life’s too short to say you’ll help one day. Look at me, I’ve been saying it for years now. When they say you need to start now, it’s because we’re the species of procrastination.
  3. Appreciation I need to learn to appreciate. I never do. I don’t even know how to appreciate myself and how can you appreciate this world and what it has to offer if you can’t even appreciate the basic foundation of life, you.

This thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for but I have to give a lot of thanks. I want to thank the people who have already lent their helping hands and always have. The ones who do good with no expectation of anything in return. The ones who truly care about this world and the species residing in it. There’s not very many like you in this world anymore, we’re caught up in distractions. You were wise enough to not be distracted by them. And of course, a huge thank you, to the one and only, my mom. Your savoir-faire makes you seem literally indispensable in anything life has thrown our way. I adore you for everything you do. I promise I won’t be thankful for just shopping sprees this year. Oh and huge thanks for forcing me to go to Amman in December. A culture shock I’ll definitely need a dose of. Thanks to my best friends, without you, I wouldn’t know what making a complete idiot out of ourselves would look like. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because what’s life without our endless giggles, horrible (like literally the worst) jokes, endless rants and motivational speeches to each other. I don’t care how lame it would be to quote “Blessed with the best” because hello, I am! And for that, I need to give back in return.


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Here’s to never growing up

tumblr_o5zvlivowq1qgp94qo1_500Who else dreads the future of 9-5’s, serious relationships and responsibilities other than making it to your 9am. Who yearns for independence, personal choices and of course, adulting. Even with all the positives aligned, there’s something tragic about growing up. Then again, something exhilarating. But, who said I can’t have my cake and eat it too?

It seems to me that the years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.

-Helen Mirrin, In the Frame

Why do we use youth as a scapegoat for our future. Can’t we just embrace both frame of minds. Here’s a worthier argument, When is anybody ever ready to grow up? I was a careless child paired with reckless. Surprisingly, still am. Whether that be switching out Limited Too for Zara, Nesquik for Starbucks and Sketchers to 6 inches, My 1995 mini me is still parallel to me. We all grow, don’t get me wrong but your inner innocence lingers. Your 8-year-old persona is a second voice to your present one. When we’re younger, we’re considered utterly naive and immature but our parents have a world of knowledge resting on their shoulders. 10 years roll by, You’ve aged and then you start noticing the little immaturities your parents possess and the tables have turned. There isn’t a happy medium, nobody is ever fully grown up. We’re humans, constantly growing and thriving. Don’t be too critical on yourself, whether that be you have yet to find CNN intriguing and switch to ABC or you still make the most childish jokes when you’re 21 (me). Growing up is a way of life rather than a life decision. Events mold you, People change you and Time grows with you. With this, you realize what you want and who you want to be. Reality taught us, there is no such thing as being an adult. You only grow older, and If you’re lucky, Wiser. Be whoever you want to be and lay off being a pessimist on the whole growing up ideal. It’s life, since when do we take it too seriously.

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50 Shades of Brown and Boulevarding

Itumblr_oar3pxrb5b1ucymuto1_500t’s here! Well, almost. In just a few short weeks, crispy leaves + caramel apples + knit scarves will be taking over. If you’re not a fan of fall and all the shenanigans that tag along with it, I honestly don’t know what to say to you. Not only is it fall, but also boulevarding season at SMU. Orange juice will be pouring in every corner and everyone will be committing the crime of white after labor day. Let’s not forget everyone hiding their actual state of mind behind their shades. I won’t even lie saying I onlined shopped for hours trying to find the perfect intricate playsuit that corresponded with wedges, for the illusion of endless legs. But then again, what girl didn’t? I don’t know how many people are lucky enough to take college on with their best friends, but I’m lucky (and unfortunate) to have. For the pros, they did give me my personal campus tour, personal “Not-to do’s tour” which included being restricted to ride my mint green bike around campus and luckily have their priorities in check with a mix of adventure on the side. For the cons, they make me maintain a diet in digg’s/chickfila/starbucks everyday (freshman fifteen, 3 years late). Fall is going to be a season for the books, especially with my oh so favorite month, October! It’s like the obsession of dressing up at age 5, never goes away. Thank god for having a group vote on costumes or my friends would probably go as cats year after year. Reading my current read on the porch watching leaves falling, while burning my tongue on a cup of tea is the one mini-getaway in october that has nothing to do with horror. With scary movie marathons and the new season of AHS, my adoration with freaky weird shows will be continiously fulfilled. The trips planned for fall break including the debate between ACL or hitting the slots at vegas include countless memories but countless under-eye bags. As for our two other favorite holidays; thanksgiving and christmas, that’s still a long way away. Never was into pre-planning. With 50 shades of brown this fall, we’ll see what it has in store.

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